At Nancy’s, you’ll always find a variety of traditional and seasonal ice cream flavors to choose from, as well as sorbets and other specialty frozen desserts. All homemade, all created using locally-sourced ingredients.

Summer Flavors

Single Scoop - $3.75 | Double Scoop - $5.50 | Triple Scoop - $6.75

On House-Made Waffle Cones

Buy the pint - $9.00

Nancy Cone - Double Vanilla scoop on waffle cone topped with caramel sauce and peanuts - $5.00

Chocolate: Tasting like a frozen hot chocolate drink, we use Fruition gold medal winning chocolate
Tahitian Vanilla: Full-bodied, our custard-based ice cream uses vanilla beans from Tahiti
Coffee: Our breakfast favorite, using Catskill Roasters “Mood Indigo” blend
Caramelized Banana:  Ripe banana with brown sugar cooked in dark rum
Sour Cream Cherry: Fabbri cherries imported from Italia in sweet sour cream
Mothers Milk Stout: Beer-flavored ice cream made with genuine Irish stout
Cream Cheese: Tastes like the best New York City cheesecake you’ve ever had
Cream Cheese & Carrot Ice Cream: With chunks of Carrot Cake, too
Strawberry: A summertime favorite
Strawberry Balsamic: Our Facebook contest winner
Peanut Butter with Blackberry Swirl: The PB & J of your dreams

Vegan & Dairy Free Selections

Vegan Vanilla Bean Coconut: Our Tahitian vanilla beans in coconut milk
Vegan Mint Chocolate Chip: A crow pleaser for everyone
Lemon Sorbet: Sweet and tart
Blackberry Basil Sorbet:  Luscious berries with an herbal twist

Outrageous Sundaes

All sundaes are $7.75 unless otherwise specified

Carrot Cake Sundae
Swirled Carrot and Cream Cheese ice creams with carrot
cake chunks mixed in, topped with caramel sauce, candied
walnuts, whipped cream, coconut tuiles

Brownie Sundae
Double Vanilla ice cream with fudge brownie chunks mixed
in, topped with fudge sauce, chocolate whipped cream and

Baileys Sundae
Guinness Stout and Coffee ice creams with Baileys caramel
sauce, topped with whipped cream and oatmeal brown sugar

Caramelized Banana Sundae
Caramelized Banana and Cream Cheese ice creams with
butterscotch sauce topped with whipped cream and candied

Apple Pie Sundae
Double Vanilla ice cream topped with apple caramel sauce
oatmeal brown sugar streusel and candied walnuts

Vegan Sundae
Vanilla Bean Coconut ice cream with carrot cake chunks
mixed in topped with coconut whipped cream and oatmeal
brown sugar streusel

Strawberry Cheesecake Sundae 
Strawberry and cream cheese ice creams on a bed of oatmeal streusel
and candied walnuts topped with hot fudge and strawberry sauces 
& whipped cream

Sour Cream Cherry Sundae 
Sour cream cherry ice cream with pieces of cake, topped with cherry 
syrup, whipped cream & candied walnuts

Nancy's Banana Split - $9.75 
Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice creams with caramel,
hot fudge, and strawberry sauces, topped with banana bread pieces,
whipped cream and oatmeal streusel


 Ice Cream Sandwiches – $3.75
Peanut Butter Rice Krispy with double vanilla and chocolate swirled ice cream
Chocolate cookie with caramelized banana ice cream rolled in oatmeal streusel
Chocolate cookie with vanilla ice cream rolled in sprinkles

Milk Shakes – $8.75
Chocolate malted
Strawberry rhubarb with whipped cream

Affogato - $5.50
Double Vanilla ice cream with espresso poured over

5-Layer Ice Cream Cakes – Whole cake: $40.00 | Buy the slice: $7.75
White cake with chocolate ice cream, whipped cream and

White cake with sour cream cherry ice cream whipped
cream and roasted pecans

Carrot cake with cream cheese ice cream, coconut
whipped cream and candied walnuts

Key Lime Pie – Whole Pie: $40.00 | Buy the slice - $7.25
With sour cream cherry ice cream and whipped cream