At Nancy’s, you’ll always find a variety of traditional and seasonal ice cream flavors to choose from, as well as sorbets and other specialty frozen desserts. All homemade, all created using locally-sourced ingredients.

Super-Premium Hard Ice Cream

Chocolate: the chocolate you dream of; Fruition's 68% dark milk, cocoa from Peru
Vanilla: Tahitian beans bring floral notes and big flavor
Coffee: our breakfast favorite, using Catskill Roasters “Mood Indigo” blend
Banana:  caramelized in dark rum with brown sugar
Sour Cream Cherry: a Woodstock exclusive featuring Italian, Amarena cherries
Cream Cheese:  like the best New York City cheesecake you’ve ever tasted
Lemon Lavender: lemon ice cream infused with lavender tea
Cinnamon Toast Crunch: french-toasted challah bread pieces in cinnamon
Nancy's Vanilla Nutella: our vanilla with a nutella swirl
Pumpkin Pie: pumpkin and spice, very nice

Vegan & Dairy Free

Lemon Sorbet: tartness forward with a sweet finish and silky texture
Vanilla Bean Coconut:  Tahitian beans in coconut cream, a vegan "ice cream"
Mint Chocolate Chip: mint and chocolate in coconut cream, a vegan "ice cream"
Chocolate: creamy chocolate with a hint of coconut, a vegan "ice cream"

Served in a Cup
Single Scoop $3.75
Double Scoop $6.50
Triple Scoop $7.50
Buy the Pint $9.00

Waffle Cone $0.50
Nut or Streusel Topping $0.25
Hot Fudge, Caramel Sauce $0.25
Wet Walnuts (Catskills Maple Syrup) $0.25
Vanilla or Chocolate Whipped Cream $0.50
Rainbow or Chocolate Sprinkles Free!

Outrageous Sundaes

Sundae (2 scoops) $7.75 | Banana Split (3 scoops) $9.75 | Mini Sundae (1 scoop) $5.50

Carrot Cake Sundae
cream cheese ice cream, carrot cake pieces, caramel sauce, candied walnuts, whipped cream

Brownie Sundae
vanilla ice cream, brownie pieces, hot fudge, chocolate whipped cream, peanuts

Banana Sundae
banana and cream cheese ice creams, caramel sauce topped, candied walnuts, whipped cream

Banana Chocolate Sundae
banana and chocolate ice creams, hot fudge, banana bread and brownie pieces, chocolate whipped cream, oatmeal streusel

Vegan Sundae
vegan vanilla coconut "ice cream", carrot cake pieces, coconut whipped cream, oatmeal streusel

Sour Cream Cherry Sundae 
sour cream cherry ice cream, white cake pieces, cherry syrup, whipped cream, candied walnuts

Nancy's Banana Split - $9.75 
vanilla, chocolate and banana ice creams, caramel sauce, hot fudge, banana bread, whipped cream, oatmeal streusel

Cookies + Ice Cream

 Ice Cream Sandwiches – $3.75
Peanut Butter Rice Krispy with vanilla and chocolate ice cream swirl
Chocolate cookie with vanilla ice cream
Chocolate cookie with chocolate ice cream
Snickerdoodle Cookie with pumpkin pie ice cream

Drinks + Shakes

Chocolate Malted – $8.75
vanilla ice cream, fudge syrup, malted milk powder

Pumpkin Latte Shake - $8.75
pumpkin, coffee and vanilla ice creams, whipped cream, nutmeg

Coffee - $2.50
robust and smooth

Affogato - $5.50
espresso over 2 mini-scoops vanilla ice cream

Hot Chocolate - $3.75
our hot fudge, steamed milk, whipped cream

Hot Chocolate Float - $5.75
1 mini-scoop of your choice ice cream, hot chocolate, whipped cream

5-Layer Ice Cream Cakes – Whole cake: $40.00 | Buy the slice: $7.75
White cake with chocolate ice cream, whipped cream and

White cake with sour cream cherry ice cream whipped
cream and roasted pecans

Carrot cake with cream cheese ice cream, coconut
whipped cream and candied walnuts

Key Lime Pie – Whole Pie: $40.00 | Buy the slice - $7.25
With sour cream cherry ice cream and whipped cream

5 Layer Ice Cream Cakes

Made-to-Order Please call 2 days  ahead 845-684-5329
With Message of Your Choice - Free

8" Round (serves 12) - $40.00
1/4 Sheet (serves 24) - $80.00
1/2 Sheet (serves 48) - $120.00
Buy-the-Slice - $7.75

3 layers white cake, 2 layers chocolate ice cream, whipped cream, sprinkles
3 layers white cake, 2 layers sour cream cherry ice cream, whipped cream, pecans
3 layers carrot cake, 2 layers cream cheese ice cream, whipped cream, walnuts

Key Lime Pie

8" Round with 2 Pints Sour Cream Cherry Ice Cream - $40.00
Buy-the-Slice with 1 Scoop Sour Cream Cherry Ice Cream - $7.75 

Baked Delights
$2.00 each

Hand Pies (fruit in golden crust)
Cookies: Snickerdoodle, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip
Cake Slice: Banana Bread, Pound Cake

Brioche Donuts

Yeast Dough, Golden Fried, Choice of Glaze - $2.00 each
Buy-the-Dozen - $20.00
Saturdays + Sundays only