Kid’s Almanac Feature- Aug. 31- Sept. 7


Here’s the scoop

Summer isn’t summer until you get to Nancy’s of Woodstock Artisanal Creamery. I am using words to describe this ice cream miracle, but don’t take my word for it; taste for yourself. Then let me know which flavor you just got hooked on.

I found Nancy’s, located in the heart of Woodstock, very accessible: easy to park and walk to the shop. Literally everything is made on-site. From the chocolate sauce to the ice creams themselves to the temptations like Key lime pie, I have never experienced anything else like it. They don’t just make the ice cream; the ingredients are all locally sourced, such as milk and eggs. Owners Kathryn and Sam Spata live here, and every bite is like a celebration of Catskill country.

I picked up a Key lime pie at my first visit to the Creamery, and a few hours later, my family had eaten the entire thing. My daughter said, “We’re out of Key lime pie, we need to get some more!” like it was suddenly a pantry staple.

I asked a bunch of questions while I ate my way through the menu. Nancy’s of Woodstock Artisanal Creamery is located at 105 Tinker Street in Woodstock. For more information or special orders, call (845) 684-5329 or visit See you there!

What are some of most popular flavors among customers, as well as your own preferences?

Customer favorites are vanilla, chocolate, and banana. Sam: “I love our milkshakes – thick and flavorful.” Kathryn: “I love our strawberry ice cream!”

What inspires the flavor choices?

We’ve traveled around the world, lived and worked in London and New York City; we’re drawing on a lifetime’s memories of delicious treats from many places.

Are you planning to do business seasonally or year-round?

We are a year-round business; it’s always a good time for ice cream! Plus, our custom ice cream cakes help celebrate every occasion on the calendar.

What makes your product different from other local homemade frozen confections?

We really don’t think about ourselves in comparison with others. We think about our ice cream and treats as desserts we’d want to serve our friends and family at home. We make products that are: delightful, with unique and unexpected flavors, like strawberry balsamic ice cream and blackberry basil sorbet; authentic, where everything we serve – sauces, cones, cookies, cakes and ice cream – is made fresh in the shop every day and features local dairy, produce and artisanal favorites like Fruition chocolate; three dozen fresh bananas go into each batch of our caramelized banana ice cream; and healthy, using fresh eggs, heavy cream and cane sugar in small batches, and no artificial flavorings, colorings, stabilizers or preservatives.

The “Outrageous Sundaes” sound amazing – who designs those?

Kathryn is our “visionary-in-chief.” She keeps a “flavor bible” by her side at all times, to be ready whenever inspiration strikes!

What are your plans moving forward? More menu items? Hold things where they are? Expand retail space or create a new shop?

We are always adding seasonal items; we’re thinking about what we can make with a local maple syrup and apples in the fall. We are working hard to make our shop a success in Woodstock, then expand offerings to restaurants (several have approached us) and eventually open a new shop, elsewhere in the Hudson Valley.

Tell me why should families and children come to your establishment.

When we see children tasting each other’s treat and exclaiming “Wow!” you can’t help but feel the happiness. We are fanatic about cleanliness. Our shop is airy, bright and kid-friendly. Our sunlit patio is a quiet place for friends and families to sit, enjoy and relax. Parking is easy at our end of Tinker Street; plus, we have our own off-street parking in the back. We love our customers as much as they love our ice cream!